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Flood Cleanup Tampa FLIf you’ve encountered a flood at your home or business, you can rest easy entrusting the cleanup job to Tampa Bay Mold & Flood. We’re a local, family-owned and -operated company proudly serving Tampa, Florida, and surrounding areas. Our flood cleanup technicians, who are all company employees trained and certified in the latest standards, will extract any remaining floodwaters, then dry and sanitize the entire area.

Why Hire a Professional Flood Remediation Company?

Many home and business owners attempt to handle flooding on their own. While doing so may spare them the cost of hiring a professional flood cleanup company, it often leads to much more significant expenses down the road. That’s because, despite their best efforts, home and business owners don’t have the expertise and tools needed to effectively dry out a space, so they’ll be left with residual moisture. Flood cleanup experts, on the other hand, have access to instruments like moisture detectors and high-speed fans that enable them to remove water that you might not even know is there. It’s important to do so, since leftover moisture can lead to:

Mold Growth

Did you know that anything that’s wet for more than 48 hours can begin growing mold? If you don’t completely dry and sanitize your home or business, you could be setting yourself up for a mold infestation, which brings with it a whole new array of problems.

Structural Damage

Moisture can erode your foundation and cause the wood at your home or business to rot, leading to issues like collapsed ceilings, warped or bowing walls, and sagging floors. It can also damage your insulation and cause your pipes to rust.

Health Problems

In addition to the health concerns caused by resulting mold growth, floodwaters themselves can cause a number of problems. Because floodwaters often contain fertilizers, pesticides, raw sewage, and other contaminants, any leftover moisture could put you at risk for serious illnesses.

Choose Tampa Bay Mold & Flood for Your Flood Cleanup Needs

Tampa Bay Mold & Flood is the company to trust when you’re facing a flood at your home or business. Since being founded, we’ve always placed the highest priority on providing exceptional service, and we do everything possible to ease the burden on our customers during this otherwise stressful time. We understand that flood cleanup is often an unanticipated expense, so we offer very competitive pricing. We also offer financing — something that’s not standard in our industry — and we accept all types of insurance.

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For more information about the flood cleanup and remediation services we offer in Tampa, FL, and surrounding areas, contact Tampa Bay Mold & Flood today. And, if you’re dealing with a flood outside of our normal business hours, you’ll be glad to know that we offer a 24/7 emergency service for middle-of-the-night flooding.

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“These guys know what they're doing. Highly recommend them for many reasons including rectifying the mold and providing a long term fix to the issue”

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5 Stars!

“Can't say enough about the work that was performed in my house. He was by himself and he did an incredible job all in one day. He explained what he was going to do, and why. After I had a mold test performed on my house and everything was good to go. No more mold. What else needs to be said. Great Work”

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